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My Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Patterns
by: The Knitting Maniac





"MINI SLEEPING BAG" created for "Littlest Pet Shop"


"SCRAPPIE SURI SACK" sleep sack / baby cozy


Knitting Abbreviations & Video Tutorials

Knitting Abbreviations
in alphabetical order

UNDER CONSTRUCTION ~ please be patient with me!

BO = bind off video tutorial
CO = cast on video tutorial
K = knit 
K2tog = knit two together
K2tog tbl = knit two together through back loop
KFB = knit front back
M1L = make 1 left
M1R = make 1 right
P= Purl
P2tog = purl two together
PSSO = pass slipped stitch over 
SSK = slip, slip, knit
S1 = slip one
Inc = increase
YO = yarn over

My Knitting Video Tutorials



My older videos under Youtube Channel ~ "TheEastSideKnitter"


Lovin' Free Dishcloth Patterns

I love Free Dishcloth Patterns!


I have been in dishcloth mode. I don't personally need ANYmore dishcloths, but they are so stinkin' fun to knit.

I've finished the Elvish Leaves cloth (click HERE for the pattern)

 photo elvishstarted_zpsfedf1980.png

 photo elvish_zps14b4aa59.png

and moved onto Holy Night Christmas dishcloth (click for that pattern!) . . .  which is O Holy Huge!
 It will be a pot holder. Sorry, "dishloth", I hope you aren't offended. 

 photo oholystarted_zpsbfefba71.png

 photo ohholynight_zps13974f11.png

And I think I've found another addiction . . . homemade stitch markers! I raided my daughter's glass beads and made myself a few for when I knit longies! I made a "beginning of the round" marker (larger bead), a side marker (a bit smaller bead) and 4 gusset markers!  These little beauties make me so very happy! 

 photo stitchmarkers_zpscc61931d.png

Well, I'm thinking of running a contest soon! I feel like giving away something! Stay tuned...

Random Ravelry Review ~ Addicted To Cupcakes.

I found this great pattern the other day called, "Cupcake", and now I'm completey hooked! My goal is a dozen, or maybe a baker's dozen, or maybe a baker's dozen plus 1. I really don't know if I can stop!

Grab a muffin tin, knit your little fingers off, fill the pan, and open your pretend bakery! I promise, your house may not get cleaned and you may have to order out for pizza, but your kids will be in toy food heaven!

Free Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern


I've had many people ask me what pattern I used for my children's Christmas stockings, but since it was my own pattern, I couldn't direct them to anything online! My pattern was actually just a bunch of scratchings on a REALLY abused piece of paper... plus some coffee stains.  

Now that my kids are happy, after I made them some of my homemade hot chocolate recipe, I'm going to sit and type up my pattern for you all to enjoy!

I know it isn't too long before Christmas, but they really don't take THAT long to whip up!  They are mostly straight knit, so except for the little socky type things along the way, they are a good relaxing knit! I timed myself once and the whole process was approx. 6 hours.  So really... whether you are slower or faster, you can take a couple hours here and there and finish one pretty fast!

Keep in mind... this stocking is pretty BIG!  I modeled it after the Christmas Stocking that my Grandmother, Dorothy, made me when I was young. PLENTY of room for lots of goodies!  Ooooo ya! ;-)

I'm writing this as a "scrappy" pattern (like the 2nd photo shown below), although you can have a lot of fun choosing just what colors you'd like! I will give directions for TWO COLORS also. AND, if you feel extra creative, you can duplicate stitch a fun design on the legs!!

Here's a photo of all of our stockings (even my daughter's "Snoopy-looking" stocking for her annoying little firefly puppet, "Sparky").  This photo was taken prior to my little Squeaker being born, back in 2010, so I've added hers below this photo!


This shows what a great stash buster these stockings can be!!  I just think hers is SO cute!!!  This scrappy stocking is actually a little different than the rest I've knit, and more like what THIS pattern ends up to look like!  I didn't like the way I did the top before, so I switched to seed stitch!

*I hadn't added her name yet...but it's there now!

18" Doll Clothing & Toy Food CONTEST!!!

Time to give something away to someone... actually a few somethings! I love giving and it's been a while since my last contest!  The Rafflecopter contest is below but keep reading to see what you could win!  This contest will last a week and starts tomorrow, June 6, 2012!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am in the swing of getting my "Squeakin' Cheeks" shop hoppin' again, and wanted to start things off with a giveaway!  Why am I not holding this over at my shop's blog?  That's a good question!  Well, it's because I am trying to kill 2 birds with one stone, so to speak.  I am working hard to make this blog active along with my shop and decided to just squish them together!

SO...on with the CONTEST!  Once you have looked at what I'm giving away, scroll down to the Rafflecopter section and ENTER!!

#1... You will receive a tester of my little toy food design (soon to be sold with other toy foods on my "Squeakin' Cheeks" shop)... a tortilla wrap, a leaf of lettuce, a leaf of spinach, half a slice of tomato, a pickle, and 2 half slices of deli cheese!  All are made with random fabrics, mostly 100% cotton and the tomato has a wee bit of batting inside!  **Remember... keep any small toys like this out of reach of children who still love to suck on or pop things into their mouths!!**


#2.  The winner will also receive this American Girl style doll outfit.  It fits 18" American Girl and comparable sized dolls.  This outfit includes a 100% cotton shirred top with buttonhole back for strap, 100% handknit merino wool pants (remember, I am "The Knitting Maniac"!!!) w/ tiny duplicate stitched design, and handmade foam sandals!


This photo shows the back of the cute shirt!