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Lovin' Free Dishcloth Patterns

I love Free Dishcloth Patterns!


I have been in dishcloth mode. I don't personally need ANYmore dishcloths, but they are so stinkin' fun to knit.

I've finished the Elvish Leaves cloth (click HERE for the pattern)

 photo elvishstarted_zpsfedf1980.png

 photo elvish_zps14b4aa59.png

and moved onto Holy Night Christmas dishcloth (click for that pattern!) . . .  which is O Holy Huge!
 It will be a pot holder. Sorry, "dishloth", I hope you aren't offended. 

 photo oholystarted_zpsbfefba71.png

 photo ohholynight_zps13974f11.png

And I think I've found another addiction . . . homemade stitch markers! I raided my daughter's glass beads and made myself a few for when I knit longies! I made a "beginning of the round" marker (larger bead), a side marker (a bit smaller bead) and 4 gusset markers!  These little beauties make me so very happy! 

 photo stitchmarkers_zpscc61931d.png

Well, I'm thinking of running a contest soon! I feel like giving away something! Stay tuned...

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