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Random Ravelry Review ~ No-Sew Beanie Baby Sleeping Bag

The "No-Sew Beanie Baby Sleeping Bag" is such a cool pattern and I've used the unique knitting technique in a few different ways!

First off, I knit up a few cute sleeping bags for my kids Webkinz animals, several years ago. Here is a photo of 2 of them...


Goodnight, little Webkinz Froggy (his name is Fred, btw)


Then I used the technique and made up a little purse pattern for my friend's daughter...

When I got to the "pillow" section, I knit it like a flap but added some furry yarn to the natural yarn to make it all fuzzy and pretty! Threw in a button hole and added an i-cord handle!


My latest use for this technique is for my Free Advent Calendar Knitting Pattern! I just changed it up and knit the top part in K1P1 ribbing and added an i-cord loop for hanging!


The possibilities are endless. I wonder what I'll think of next? Thanks for a GREAT pattern, Dawn Adcock!

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