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Surprise Socks!

I feel so blessed! Today a package came for me from my friend, Laura, who lives in California.

I opened it and this is what I found!!!!

Beautiful, scrumptious, soft, unique and GREEN (my favorite color!!!)...


They are a perfect fit!!!!!!! Thank you, my sweet friend, for making me feel so special today!!


I may be the Knitting Maniac, but it isn't often that I knit anything for myself, especially socks!

And since the only socks I've knit for a while, (Flip Flop or Ninja socks) were not the biggest hit with some people (I often get called, "Moose Feet" when I wear them haha)... I know my new socks are going to get lots of compliments!!

Move over, Moose Feet... My Surprise Socks are in town!!!


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Laura!!!!!! (P.S. Laura is also going through the TKGA Master Hand Knitting Program, so it's encouraging to have a friend to bounce thoughts around with!!!)


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