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Knit Advent Calendar & Other Random Stuff...

I have wanted to knit an advent calendar for my kids for a few years now, but always thought of it when it was too late to do anything about it!

The other day I hunted on Ravelry to see what they had for free patterns. I found "Smitten, a Holiday Garland" but honestly, having 6 kids that I knit mittens for and despising knitting thumbs, I shied away from it! But I still tried to download the pattern to look at it and my computer was acting wonky so I got impatient and gave up.

Then I remembered a pattern that I loved and printed it off so I could remember how it was knit up. It's a really cute knit sleeping bag for stuffed animals called the "No-Sew Beanie Baby Sleeping Bag".I made a couple one year for my kids Webkinz.

No, I'm not hanging up a bunch of sleeping bags as an knit advent calendar, haha, but it's the technique I love. You knit it on straight needles, but it's knit as though it was "in the round" (sorta) so there are no seams. I don't mind knitting on DPN's (double pointed needles) but this is just a fun, unique way to knit that I enjoy.

Here's what I have done so far...


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