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Bitty Britches Mini Knits & My Knitting Accessories

A couple years back, after seeing the "Bitty Britches Ornamental Longies" pattern on Ravelry, I decided to modify it and make exact replicas of a few of my knits! I got a little addicted at one point and made a handful of minis... these being my 2 favorites...


Mini Budgie Bloomers! Doesn't get any cuter than this!!!


I feel like showing some photos of random knitting things that I've photographed here and there, so this is something I have in my room.

At Walmart, in the hardware section, I got this little gadget organizer. I don't have a labeler (but really WANT one) so I had to improvise. I printed off sticker labels and stuck them on the little drawers. This is one of my all time favorite organizer thingys because I have LOTS of little things!!


The doll on the little cubbie shelves beside my drawer organizer was from my childhood. Isn't she the sweetest? She has sand in her bum which at some point had a purpose, but since that was years ago, I can't quite remember what it was. haha I think she would slowly lay down and shut her eyes.


And there is my little "KNITTING STUFF" drawer...


And a close up.

I have lots of knitting doo-dads, including my bestest ever stitch holders... DIAPER PINS!!


I don't know why all that little stuff makes me happy, but it does! One can never have too many stitch markers, stitch holders, stitch counters, stitch ANYTHING!!!

All for the love of knitting. Aaaah. It's a beautiful thing!!!

PhotobucketBridget, AKA "The Knitting Maniac"

1 comment:

  1. Cute stuff! Love to learn one day! Just love your organization. Just learning to sew and need to start a system. I just want to jump in and learn, but fear of messing up holds me back! Organization would certainly help with limited space in this house!. My ADD mind struggles with it. A sense of accomplishment is wonderful though. I pray to learn to knit and crotchet one day. I have a boy and may not ever have more at 39 yrs old. If I do I better learn fast, hopefully pink stuff if I am blessed again!